JMM is Joomla Mysql Manager Extension for managing Mysql DataBase from Joomla administrator Panel

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  • Config Default Database Setings,Joomla Default DB Settings OR Custom Db Settings

  • Use your Custom DataBase Settings

  • List All DataBases

  • List All Tables. Change Current Database From DropDown

  • Displaying Table Structure

  • Displaying Table Data

  • Run Your Custom SQL Query

  • Save Your Query As Canned Query For Future

  • Save Query as Site Table For Generating Visual Table In Frontend

  • Add Site Table Query to Menu

  • Generated Table From Query

Welcome to JMM Joomla Mysql Manager.

JMM is a Joomla Extension for managing Mysql Datbase from the joomla administrator panel.

How to Install JMM

Download Latest Zip File From here . Login to your joomla administrator panel go to Extension Manger from Extensions Menu then click on Select or Browse File Icon select your recently downloaded JMM Zip File. Then Click on Install.After successfull installation Click on componnent Menu you can see Joomla Mysql Manager Menu click here and start JMM.

JMM Features?

  • Insert Data into Table via GUI
  • Create Table via GUI
  • Export Table,Custom Query in CSV format
  • You can View All Database Lists
  • You Can View All the Tables Within a Database
  • You can Run your Custom Query
  • You can Save Your Query for Future as Bookmark using Canned Query OR Save as Site Table.
  • You can Generate Visual Table In the Frontend From Your Query,you can enable pagination also.
  • Now has template system where user can select theme or they can step further by customize the looks using css and javascript or jquery.

Upcoming Features

  • Edit Existing Table
  • Create Edit Delete Table Row

Video Tutorial

How to Download Install JMM And Bassic Features

Create Ajax Table With server side sorting and Pagination From Mysql Query Without Writing PHP Code Via JMM

Authors and Contributors

@adidac Biswarup Adhikari.

@samirgoswami Samir Goswami.

Support or Contact

For any Problem,Bugs,Feedback you can email us at


The GNU General Public License

Copyright (c) 2012 Biswarup Adhikari

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